Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Newly King & Queen

14.03.2009 dang dig dug..yeyey...Horey...(lompat bintang) gah gah gah.. emm...my sanding start on 2.30pm around dat time.. masa to kelam kabut im not ready yet..after i took my shower mak andam mk up then suddenly my cousin call "eqin pengatin laki dah sampai" aiseeee.. i said "im not ready yet.. so apa lagi.. my hubby terpaksa masuk dulu duduk kt pelamin ... supposedly da bride should sit first b4 da bridegroom coming.. to show kedatangnye dia tungu ... but it going up side down dah hehehe..
neway my wedding going smoothly..thankss to my family ...

My HerO :)

ThAT My Hubby...
yeye.. jeng jeng jeng..''omg so many food, i dont know which one should i taste first" tht my hubby fabv... eating eating n eating..especially
'kambing' huh.. tis pic show ikan asam pedas (hOTss) yummy3x...at nyonya kitchen sec 9 sha alam..07.011.2009 - hubby bday - so i celebrate by 'belanja' my hubby makan..opss sowi no present (kecian) next time i give u erk... tis yr we can celebrate wit our cute little bby yamin..

my Big Days..


heheh.. this moments i never 4get..when 'angkat nikah' at Sri Manjung, perak.. huh 14.03.2009..'sah' in one lafaz by my hubby.. huhu.. nowwww it begin my life as a wife for Abdul Ghani b. Zainol.. (adeh byk tjwb kene tau) .. this dress i still keep in safely at my hometown, hope one day my bby gurl can wear it heheh..then she will know memories her parents when 'ijabkabul' time..

miss u ..

HeLoo.., iam cute bby gurl name qasrina yasmin bt Abd Ghani.. she right now 2 month 1/2 yrs old.. born on 29.01.2010, still young, still wanna big big big care & love from her parents.. can wait to see she grown up and go to school & university (insyallah) ..emm.. that day of coz her 'mak' become older hehe (tua bangka) .. luv my bby yamin (pangilan manja) so much..
my Hubby 'cop' from Kedah..same age like me, very sporting, coolest hubby that i know.. (err me ada sikit garang) heheh.. humor person.. thanks god u give me a lovely hubby n daughter, hope my life become hapy 4ever n ever..
Me : Just call me sheqin, eqin pun boleh.. iam a simple person, once u know me .. ur will keep smiling n laughing..nothing much to write about me.. i will update my blog day by day.. then u will know me better...